EVENT: National Black Solidarity Day

IMG_7500Monday, November 2, 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Pratt Brooklyn Campus, Cafeteria

In honor of National Black Solidarity Day faculty, staff, alumni, and students hosted a reading of A Day of Absence: A Satirical Fantasy was written in 1965 by Douglas Turner Ward as political satire. This play was read at Brooklyn College in 1969 and inspired Black Solidarity Day. Is is the Monday before Election Day (this year, Nov 2nd) for us to take stock of race, class, and politics. This satire looks at what would happen in a small Southern town in 1965 if all the Black Americans did not go to work or consume anything. The unfolding chaos illustrates the deep reliance we have on certain communities for the functioning of our society.

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Ayahuasca – Don’t Take It Before Reading This

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Source: Ayahuasca – Don’t Take It Before Reading This

Whare Aotearoa Te Maori: A Meeting Place of Peace

Bruce Stewart built a complex of whare (meeting place) called Takatehera in Wellington, New Zealand at a place called Island Bay. It also consists of a series of marae (meeting house) as well as being his living space. Stewart, his family and friends created this traditional Maori village ambiance from recycled materials. It is an open environment that has hosted Maori dignitaries and people from around the world for the past 35+ years!

A fascinating documentary that I resonate with thoroughly because my partner and I have dreams of establishing a communal homestead of our own up North. Mr. Stewart has re-energized me!

A Revolution On Film: Aboriginal Style

Charlies Country is a meticulously rendered portrait of colonialism and its devastating side effects. A painting takes shape over time; so too does a film that expresses artistic virtues. The entire production gave great attention, locations and cinematography in particular, to detail and is an obvious Labor of Love. We all perceive the world differently so it will be boring to some and an exercise in cinema verite to others. Regardless of what political, cultural or national beliefs one may hold on to like a life jacket, this film rips them away and coerces you into seeing the raw, twisted nature of power and unfettered authority. As well as, the suffocation of powerlessness and the resulting dark descent of depression. Give it a look for a unique and refreshing experience. It gets 5 STARS from me. You can view it streaming on NetFlix

I Thought I Saw A UFO! I DID, I DID Saw A UFO!

Individuals from around our World from various professions including the military, Law enforcement and Public Servants; even the former Governor of Arizona, come forward to disclose their experiences with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), in a very public forum (The Press Club). Each one closes their presentation with a pledge to testify, regarding all they have witnessed, before Congress. How much more does one need to do to get US officials in gear and pull their heads out of the quicksand?

Our Binary Star System

There are many indigenous cultures from the Americas, Continental Africa, Australia and New Zealand whose ancestors passed this knowledge through song, story, dance, etc. The Dogon of West Africa have known for centuries that our solar system is a binary one.

The current approach of our sister star and her planets is not the first round; nor will it be the last. Therefore, since human beings, animals and plan Life is still thriving here, it should be obvious that this event is NOT APOCALYPTIC. However, ratcheting up Fear benefits those people, organizations and institutions that do not want to lose control over our society and cultural mores.

A society paralyzed by Fear is like putty in the hands of religious fundamentalism, megalomaniacal politicians and greedy corporate industrialists. I always suggest staying focused on Love, Compassion and Kindness; then the rest will fall naturally into place.